Mike Alsford

Mike Alsford: Photojournalist

Mike Alsford started his photography passion at the age of six, after watching an elderly aunt take photographs and processing the 120 roll films by loading up developing tanks in the cupboard under the stairs.

No enlarger then, but a small contact printer did the business.

Totally self taught as a photographer, Mike gained valuable experience after joining a successful news agency, which has left him always aware of the value of a journalistic thread running through all kinds of work.

He is well published in all national newspapers and many leading magazine titles. During this period, along came six years of work as a freelance front of house photographer for Exeter Northcott Theatre.

This led to the next phase, where performance related subjects became a speciality. A large part of this work has involved shooting picture publicity and stills for television and film (mainly drama), with clients including all ITV companies, the BBC, Channel 4, Five, Sky and various prominent independent producers.

Mike especially enjoys working on drama productions where he has always liked to watch the different crew skills at work. Editorial & Corporate shoots for the printed page are still important to him, which he feels will keep a photographer fresh for the on set picture duties.

Some of Mike Alsford's work is available to purchase in the gallery