About The Gallery

What We Offer

We are a commercial fine art gallery selling paintings & antiques.

Our gallery is dedicated to bringing the highest quality fine art and antiques to our customers.

We also offer a restoration and valuation service, including paintings, furniture and clocks.

We specialise in my father’s paintings Robert Lenkiewicz who spent his life representing the beauty, drama and colour of life.

The gallery is also an indoor and outdoor Italian coffee and cakes venue with a range of seating including a 16th century garden.

We also have a selection of rare books and curiosities.

We present exhibitions of local artists works and we have available Artist’s Studio Spaces.

And we have a Teaching and Events Hub including classes in painting and music.


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Robert Lenkiewicz

As well as being a gallery we are also a museum which promotes the art & life of Robert Lenkiewicz and the arts in general for the development of
creativity and personal growth in the individual & community.

Everything we do is made possible by your kind support and continuing interest in The Lenkiewicz Art Gallery & Museum made possible in a time when most art galleries and museums have closed due to the development of the internet & virtual world.

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View original paintings and limited edition prints by Robert Lenkiewicz HERE.