Rooms For Hire

Rooms For Hire, Exhibition Space, Venue Hire & Display Cabinet Rental

The Town Of Ashburton

Ashburton is a center for antiques and art with a long standing reputation for quality shopping with easy access to Dartmoor & the A38 motorway & Exeter & Plymouth.

It has many antique shops and art galleries and craft shops and it is also a popular location for food with award winning selection of delicatessens and restaurants.

We are based in the heart of the town with a commanding position at the start of the main high street of Ashburton. A perfect location with a diverse customer base.

Rooms For Hire

We have a selection of Individual Rooms for Long & Short Term Hire.

  • High Speed Internet
  • Cafe Area for Coffees, Teas and Cakes
  • Washing Facilities
  • Garden Area
  • The gallery is a hub for artists, writers, craft persons and entrepreneurs.


We have competitive rates and if you would like to have a work or study space or sales area don’t hesitate to contact the gallery.

We will discuss your requirements and find the best options for you.

Cafe & Garden Venue Hire

We hire the art gallery and garden for weddings, birthdays, photo shoots and as a film location.

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Glass Display Case Rental

Victorian Illuminated display cabinet which is available for hire for selling smaller items such as handmade jewellery, watches and silverware

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Exhibition Space For Hire

Ashburton is a center for creativity in both the arts and crafts from painting, music, antique’s, restoration and cookery with a long standing reputation for quality.

As a successful art gallery we chose Ashburton for its unique reputation and we also chose the building for its unique qualities such as the perfect size of the wall space.

It makes a perfect venue which has been carefully renovated and decorated to high quality finish. Including a integrated hanging and lighting system.

Resulting in exhibition space designed to show artists work at its best.

The Reuben Lenkiewicz Art Gallery has many unique qualities to offer artists:

  • Lifetime of experience working in the art market
  • Ten years developing the galleries extensive customer base
  • A quarterly newsletter for our customers and art collectors
  • An integrated online marketing system
  • A quality website with online selling facilities
  • A long-standing Instagram, Facebook and YouTube business profile
  • A busy and vibrant location on the high street of Ashburton with a diverse customer base.

BOOK YOUR EXHIBITION: Contact the gallery for booking information.

BRING YOUR ART: Bring or Send your artwork to us.

INSTALLATION: Our team set up and install the exhibition.

PROMOTION: We promote your show through our mailing list and social media.

PRIVATE VIEW: Book your exhibition opening and private view with our team. Live opening on Instagram.

RETURN OF ARTWORK: Artist organise the return of artwork.

Our professional team organise everything including set up, promotion and sales.


To book your art space dates simple contact the gallery.

Tel: 07464631671

3 Metres Space

  • PRICE £550
  • Four Weeks
  • Starter package
  • Perfect for beginners

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6 Metres Space

  • PRICE £700
  • Five Weeks
  • Accommodate a large body of work
  • For established artists

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9 Metres Space

  • PRICE £1600
  • Eight Weeks
  • Optimum package
  • Be the star

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