Luke Shepherd

I am a portrait sculptor undertaking commissions in bronze. I love bronze for its museum quality and radiance which makes for a special and beautiful art work.

I have had many famous sitters such as Billy Connolly, Christopher Biggins, Floella Benjamin, Leo Abse, Lord Crickhowell, Stuart Burrows to name a few.

Many are in museums or private collections throughout the UK and USA.

I also run sculpture courses and teach plastic surgeons the art of visual awareness, useful for their surgery.

I have always strived to push my sculptures beyond mere representation.

In my work you can see the texture and feel the direct impact of the modelling.

This brings out the movement and life in the bronze and helps me to capture the humanity of each sitter.

This is the special quality which makes my work stand out.

Very few people have their Bronze Portrait Busts made in their lifetime. My aim is to regenerate an appreciation for this most powerful of art forms — the portrait sculpture. I find the portrait bust to be one of the most intensely challenging tasks. Imagine the most physical, visual and mathematically challenging puzzle you can – then double it!

The making of a great bronze portrait sculpture is all of this. I view modelling as a magical process of observation and investigation. Rediscovering the language needed to transform the clay beyond mere technique or idea. I strive to deconstruct the form of the sitter before putting it back together, in a fashion that intensifies the sitter’s presence.

Image Courtesy Suzy Bennett
Image Courtesy Suzy Bennett